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Privacy Statement for Kimball's Kreations Web Site

The only information collected for my web site is what's called site statistics; i.e., the number of hits on my web site.  I use this information to see if people visit my web site and hopefully find the information useful.  I do not collect any personal information from people viewing my site.  If you send me an email to set up your appointments, I will store that so I can communicate with you but I do not share your email address with anyone.  On my web site, if you click on a link and visit another site, then that site would have a Privacy Statement that you could view to see what they are doing with the information.

In web technology a lot of sites will give you cookies.  That doesn't mean that someone is going to drive up with your favorite chocolate chips!  What it means is that a program will write a code or codes to your temporary internet files on your computer.  Now, if you visit a lot of sites your folder will be growing with STUFF, and can slow down the performance of your computer.  Your Internet brower has some settings which you can select so that you can manage the cookies.  You have to be careful, though, because you need to keep some of them because they identify you to the web site and allow you to obtain some information.  On Internet Explorer, for instance, if you go to the Tools--Internet Options, you can see the choices available.  I periodically review the amount that these temporary files occupy on my hard drive, and act accordingly!

My site will not ask for any information; however, a lot of the sites that you visit, will request optional and mandatory data.  My advice is to do the minimum!

I do not personally provide any information from users who visit my site.  If you visit the sites I have provided on my Internet shopping pages, the site you visit will collect some information because you have visited their site by being directed from mine.