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There are lots of solutions out there for looking great!  Depending on how much you want to spend for temporary or permanent fixes, there are lots of alteratives.

Photo-facial.  I first heard about this on a trip to Canada.  I had a manicure/pedicure done by a technician who was very well trained--almost like a podiatrist.  Anyway, she was excited about ordering for her shop this machine which did photo-facials.  I have never had one done so I cannot speak to whether the results are good or bad.  If you want to check out the details, search the internet and read up on it to see if it is something you want to try.  Apparently the results last about a month and makes you look younger!

Bags Under the Eyes.  Of course, the major solution is to get lots of rest, so that you don't have a puffy face in the morning for lack of sleep.  Easy to say...hard to accomplish!  I like the Ultra-Lift eye roller from Garnier--seems to help me.  I am also going to try an Avon product that looks like it promise--good reviews, anyway.  Visit my friend Shirley's page to check it out.  .

 This is very individual, though, and depends on your skin type, the moisture in your skin, etc.  The only other advice I have found is water-water-water.  You need to "plump up" your skin cells by drinking water.  For each cup of coffee you drink, you need to drink 2-3 cups of water.  There are several products out there which "tighten up" the under-eye area.  I've tried them, but the mask tightening effect drives me nuts!

Select a Flattering Color and Style for Your fashion statement. There is an old saying that the Mother of the Groom or Mother of the Bride should "show up, shut up, and wear beige!"  Mainly, you are not the "Star" of this show, but a very very important supporting member of the cast.  What I advise people before they go shopping is to first pick out your two to five favorite outfits hanging in your closet.  These are outfits that when you wear them you are feeling good about yourself and other people comment on how good you look.

Analyze what you like.  Before you go shopping analyze what you like about these outfits: (1) color (2) fabric (3) fit (4) style.  When I'm asked to suggest a style for someone, they wear to their consultation appointment an outfit that they like.  For instance, if a v-neck looks good on you, try to find an outfit with a v-neck.  If you look better with fitted sleeves, find an outfit with fitted sleeves.  If you have hot-flashes DO NOT PICK an uncomfortable fabric.  Use this information to search for styles on-line.  The time spent doing some research may save you some headaches later on.

Health, Rest, and Letting Go.  Planning a wedding is like planning for five Christmas events at once!  It's a lot of work!  That's why there are Wedding Planners who make their businesses helping you with the details.  You can have the full-blown service where they do most of the planning and details, or you can pay for the "day of" services.  Do some internet searches and you will find lots of information!  Or send me an email and I can recommend someone in the San Diego area.