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If you have a picture of you in the dress, send that to me and I can give you a price range.  I can usually tell by the designer how long the alterations will take and how many fittings you will need.

The average fittings are about three unless extensive alterations are needed or if the dress needs some design changes.  You should have the shoes purchased so you can wear them for the fittings.  I have available petticoats and veils (yes I am adding veils to the "something borrowed list") for loaning (at no extra charge) to my clients.  If you want a really high-end designer dress, ask if there are sample dresses you can purchase at a lower cost.  Often last-year's styles can be purchased at lower prices at the end of the year.  And have FUN shopping!!


Last Updated on 11/26/2010
By Lorraine Kimball